How Does Weight Loss Medication Work?

The number of overweight people in the US has been growing progressively despite the efforts from different stakeholders. This has prompted people to ask several questions; is there is a weight loss method that works? Is it possible to sustain good body weight? Researchers have weighed on this crucial issue and come up with the following medication for weight loss.

Weight loss medication helps people to hit the right fitness targets in three ways; suppressing appetite, altering hormones to discourage far absorption, and enhancing body fat burning capacity. The medication is available in pills or supplements.

The Garcinia Cambogia medical extracts 

This natural extract became very popular following the works of Doctor OZ. OZ demonstrated that Garcinia cambogia could help to facilitate the body to raise its fat cutting ability to keep the weight as low as possible.

The extract helps to raise serotonin levels to help inhibit enzymes that produce fat. As a natural extract, the extract does not have side effects.


Orlistat is a very common over the counter medication that has benefits surpassing weight management. Orlistat works by inhibiting breakdown and absorption of carbs in the gut.

The overall implication is that fewer calories will be extracted from the food so that the body can resort to burning stored fat. If you use this medication and follow fitness sites such as, it will help to keep other problems such as type-2 diabetes and cardiac issues.

Raspberry ketones 

This medication is a medication sold as weight management supplement. The supplement helps to raise the body’s capacity to burn fats to reduce weight.

When the raspberry ketones are used on a regular basis, the body’s adiponectin that is largely associated with weight loss is elevated. It is important to use raspberry ketones together with other useful dieting and exercises programs.