Hong Kong Employment Visa: Entrepreneurs Who Pose As Employees Unmasked

Get it right. There is nothing such as self-sponsorship visa in Hong Kong when looking to enter and do business. It is simple; you are either working for a completely independent 3rd party employer or yourself. Hong Kong administration will easily and promptly nap such cases and throw the application away.

Comprehensive tests to test application for foreign nationals’ sponsorship

At this point, let us look at a scenario where you place an application posing as an employee, but in actual sense, you are an entrepreneur in disguise. In such a case, the following come to play. If the business has not been in operation for more than 2 years and has never sponsored a foreign national, two tests will be done by the authorities.

The authorities will check the working visa approvability to establish whether the applicant has the right skills and experience that cannot be acquired in Hong Kong.

Does the business possess the capacity to make a significant contribution to Hong Kong economy?

Hong Kong administration wants to know beyond reasonable doubt that the employer is indeed a suitable employer. Here, you need to be a little critical. It is not enough to say that a certificate of incorporation is ample proof of the employer’s capacity. 

The scrutiny is very severe in ascertaining that the immigration policy is implemented in entirety. The immigration department seeks help from all sections of the administration to ensure that applicants meet all the immigration policy requirements. Nothing is skipped.

If you registered a company; go for entrepreneur visa and not the work visa

For many people, the trick of entering Hong Kong is registering a company and then applying for a work visa as an employee of the same business. Well, no matter the way you put it to demonstrate that the company is willing to hire you; the immigration department has tightened the scrutiny. Though the department does not give statistics of the approved and declined applications, only a few applications are approved. The scrutiny is considered in two ways.

Is the company newly established?

Are you a shareholder of the company? Some people mask it with a nominee.

What this implies is that those planning to enter Hong Kong by investment, should not apply for a work visa. It will not go through. The right way to do it is applying for an investment visa.