Four Points of Property Negotiation to Get Higher Value for Money in Singapore

If you are looking for a house in Singapore, do not simply get contented with what is presented at first sight. The argument that what is presented by real estate companies is final is a misconception. Most real estate companies and landlords are willing to make fine adjustments to make tenants comfortable in their facilities. To negotiate for better value, here are the main points to pitch your focus on.

Seeking more comprehensive house utilities 

The house you select should have the common utilities such as power and internet to make the stay extra comfortable. However, you should negotiate with the real estate company to ensure that the utilities are guaranteed all the time.

For example, a power backup should be available to supply power in case of unexpected interruptions. Visit this website to learn more tips on getting extra value from the landlord.

Regular maintenance of various facilities 

Notably, continued use of a house results to depreciation of some facilities. The paint on the walls will start fading off with time while the smooth appearance of the hedges could diminish with time. You should negotiate with the real estate company for scheduled maintenance of the main facilities. This should be done without raising the cost of the property.

Adjustment in house rates 

Though the preferred rental unit has an attached price tag, it is possible to bring it down with a significant margin. Once you identify the house, send the landlord an offer lower than the stated price. Though the flexibility might look small, it will be a significant amount over the long term.