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Special Tips for Producing High-Quality Corporate Videos in Singapore

The video is king! This is the new phrase in the marketing realms used to demonstrate the importance of videos today. By 2020, videos are expected to make 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

Despite these moving facts, it is noteworthy that many businesses are yet to take advantage of corporate videos. To help you get started, we are going to provide some great tips that will get you started and make winning videos.

Select a Specific Purpose for Your Video in Singapore

Notably, all corporate videos do not have the same purpose. Some are aimed at winning new clients, attracting new staff, or raising brand awareness. Therefore, it is time to think about what your organization has to offer with the video.

Think of customer testimonials to tell people about the greatness of your product. Another way is using employee testimonials when looking forward to recruiting new staff.

But if you want to tell clients about a product to help them make informed decisions, consider going for product reviews. You could even make a short documentary about a client or staff featuring your product.

Have a Clear Plan 

Camera filming a business sceneAlthough the art of filmmaking might look complex, all that you need is a good plan. Just like other business projects, the secret to getting a great corporate video is having a well-thought-of plan. Therefore, even if the urge to hit it right away is pushing you, it is prudent to take your time.

Once you have set the purpose of the video, move to the next step, and determine the people who will be featured there. What resources will be required? What about the timeline? These are just a few questions that you should ask when planning your video. A good plan should detail what needs to be done for the video, who will do it, and when it will be done.

Identify Engaging Stories 

When you look at the top-rated corporate videos, you will realize they have storylines that pull the target audience and engage them. So which storyline should you adopt?

Take time to study the target audience to establish what it associates with and align your story with it. For example, if you are in consulting, look for stories that connect to daily issues of the target audience. An accountant can demystify basic accounting terms or bookkeeping strategies. Talk to your staff and come up with interesting ways of converting great experiences into impressive stories.

Value Matters in corporate videos

While it is true that your corporate video does not have to be Hollywood-rated, it is prudent to put a lot of focus on value. But how can you achieve this? The best option is working with professional corporate video producing firms.

These firms are made of experts who have, in the past, worked with other brands and delivered results. Therefore, they can easily tell you what will or will not work. Indeed, you could even check the samples of the work they have already done to improve your videos.

When you decide to use corporate videos, simply work with the professionals to get the best.

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